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Safety Critical Industries

When miscommunication impacts more than just the bottom line. We provide analysis of incident reports, reviews of processes, and assessments of training to ensure that communications improve the safety record of your organisation.

Twitter for Professionals

This course equips you with the tools and confidence you need to tweet on your own behalf or on behalf of your organisation.

Customer Service & PR

Are you talking to the world in a language that only your organisation understands? Can you interpret underlying messages behind what your customers are telling you? We bring a fresh analytical approach to the language so you say and hear what you need to.

Internal Communications

Business transformation, mergers, and IT projects all suffer from cultural differences getting in the way of effective operations. We diagnose cultural factors impacting your organisation, help you understand those cultural factors, and give your teams the tools to communicate effectively with each other.

You Say Tomato

Language Safety Efficiency

You Say Tomato is a consultancy that uses the analysis of communication and miscommunication to diagnose and resolve underlying issues within an organisation.

With a background in safety critical industries, You Say Tomato works with public, private, and third sector clients to deliver increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies, and improvements in safety.

  • Communications
  • Analysis
  • Incident Reports
  • Social Media

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