Linguistic concepts: False friends

This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts explaining technical and theoretical terms in linguistics and anthropology, and why they’re important for the hands-on worlds of business and industry. Today we’re looking at the concept of false friends. It’s a brilliant and memorable term to refer to words and phrases in different languages[…]

Training review

Training is ubiquitous in many organisations. But does your training reflect your organisation’s values and goals? And is your training content consistent with your organisation’s realities, challenges, and workforce? Our training review service assists organisations in aligning the language and practices of their training courses with both the specific training outcomes and overall organisational ethos.[…]

Organisational culture audit

Is your organisation working as effectively and efficiently as possible? Are you having personnel clashes? Do you have departments that just cannot communicate – and do projects suffer as a result? An organisational culture audit will assess the state of your organisation, identifying what’s working, what’s not, and areas for attention and improvement.  The organisational[…]

Language review

Similar to the training review, our language review focuses on the language used in your organisation, department, or other area of focus, to ensure that the messages you want to say are being communicated. We can focus on inter-departmental communications (including memos, emails, and training material), PR language, and any other type of communication you’d[…]

Diversity audit

Does your company practice what it preaches? Do you talk the talk, and walk the walk? Or does your company say one thing, but do another? Practically speaking, is your company inadvertently communicating mixed messages when it comes to diversity in your workforce? Our diversity audit will look at the language used in HR and[…]

Customer service training

Your front-facing staff are challenged on a daily basis, to be the face of your organisation and represent it and its ethos and identity.  Our customer service training starts with an audit to provide you an independent, objective snapshot of the effectiveness of your customer service and front of house staff. We then go over[…]

Incident report analysis

Does your organisation require the writing and submission of incident reports? Do you do anything with them? If so, congratulations! You’re making use of a valuable source of information that can benefit your organisation. If not, you could be missing out on crucial information that literally is under your fingertips. The incident report analysis assists[…]