360 Service Design

Service design looks at your service from all aspects and angles, ensuring users have a consistent experience from start to finish.

Service design includes not just the service, features, and websites that users encounter. Service design considers KPIs that are crucial to understanding user satisfaction, couriers you use to deliver goods to your users after they complete a purchase, error messaging, customer service centre tasks and help dialogue, and communications to your users along and beyond their initial interactions with your service – just to name a few areas.

You can pour all the resources you have into a great website or product, but are you ensuring your users have a consistently great experience from start to finish? You may need a service designed for users and their needs, from the ground up. Or you might need a service review, to understand problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

Whatever your goal, you need to ensure that your service is consistently meeting your users’ needs, from every aspect, touchpoint, and experience. Surprise and delight your users with a service that designed to meet their needs and go beyond.