Upcoming appearance in AAA podcast series

I have recently been interviewed by the American Anthropological Association for their current AAA Podcast Series. It was a really fun time, discussing how I became a linguistic anthropologist, what led me to research aviation, and what advice I have for future and aspiring anthropologists. I’ll provide a link and update when the podcast is published. 

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is the world’s largest organisation of individuals interested in anthropology. Though based in the US, AAA has many non-US-based members, including me. AAA publishes many academic journals, including the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology and American Anthropologist. AAA’s Annual Meeting is a vast event, virtually taking over a few hotels with its several parallel sessions, panels, and workshops.

I’ve been fortunate enough to present at the 2007 Annual Meeting as part of a panel organised by my PhD supervisor, Dr Colleen Cotter. I would very much like to present at a future AAA conference, as being a speaker at such a huge conference makes the event a feel a bit more manageable, and one feels a bit less anonymous than merely being an attendee. Another benefit of presenting at AAA is getting feedback from colleagues and audience members. Such feedback can inform and strengthen work in progress – or can make you realise that you should just give up and move on to something else! I’m happy to say that all feedback I have received has been of the former category (phew).