What we do

You Say Tomato is a consultancy that uses the analysis of communication and miscommunication to diagnose and resolve underlying issues within an organisation.

With a background in safety critical industries, You Say Tomato works with public, private, and third sector clients to deliver increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies, and improvements in safety.


How we do it

We believe that miscommunication always happens for a reason. Discovering these reasons can be the key to unlocking insights into your organisation.

You Say Tomato solves business problems by applying proven techniques from linguistics and anthropology in a practical and straightforward way.

Through a systematic analysis of language in context, we unearth the underlying issues and motivations that often lay hidden in what is said and unsaid.


What we deliver

You tell us the insights you need to meet the challenges faced by your organisation.

We work with you to understand what those challenges are, and to identify the written or verbal communications that may contain symptoms of underlying problems, or keys to potential benefits within your organisation.

We select the analytical tools that best fit your organisation, timescales, budget, and the communications available to us – then report to you on our findings.

You Say Tomato will also work with you to implement changes such as training, standards, new materials, or cultural changes within your organisation.


Who we are

Dr Barbara Clark, founder of You Say Tomato, is a consulting linguist and anthropologist with over 10 years of experience in civil aviation. Dr Clark’s work centres on the use of language in context and the consequences of miscommunication. Dr Clark speaks at both industry and academic conferences on the use of language in aviation. She also has experience working in agile teams, conducting user research, and working with public and private sector clients, including the Home Office, the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). 

Ren Reynolds is the VP of Strategy for You Say Tomato. Ren has a long consulting career that spans public and private sector organisations and startups. He has held senior positions in product / service strategy, product development, commercial, change management, and process / operating model design and implementation for organisations such as Cable and Wireless, the Home Office / Border Force, British Airways / Air Miles, and the BBC. In addition, Ren advises organisations such as the Council of Europe, OECD, DCMS, and the Cabinet Office on matters of emerging technology and policy, focusing on the ethical and social implications of new technologies.

Selena Phillips-Boyle is a consulting linguist and glider pilot with over 11 years of experience in aviation. Her work focuses on the similarities and differences between prescribed and actual speech, and miscommunications and repairs in institutional discourse.