CAP 1375 press roundup

Since the CAA’s publication of CAP 1375 (available here; opens in new window), there has been quite a bit of press coverage on it, including an interview with the BBC World Service’s Newshour. We thought we’d share a few links:

The Times (behind paywall), ‘Not cleared for takeoff’

The Independent, ‘Poor spoken English skills among pilots could lead to air disasters, study finds’ 

The Telegraph, ‘Pilots’ poor English skills putting passengers at risk’

The Sun, ‘Word of warning: Air disasters could be caused by pilots and air traffic controllers with poor English skills, report warns’

The Daily Mail, ‘Foreign pilots’ poor English could lead to air disasters’

BBC World Service Newshour (26:38 into the programme)

Air Traffic Management, ‘UK language study reveals cheating, bribery

Sky News, ‘Pilots’ poor English risks “serious accident” in UK skies, warns CAA’