Publication of CAP 1375

You Say Tomato is proud to announce the publication of a major new piece of research, commissioned and funded by the UK Department for Transport and commissioned by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The work, Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 1375: Data analysis findings and best practice recommendations, looks at language-related incidents reported to the[…]

Language review

Similar to the training review, our language review focuses on the language used in your organisation, department, or other area of focus, to ensure that the messages you want to say are being communicated. We can focus on inter-departmental communications (including memos, emails, and training material), PR language, and any other type of communication you’d[…]

Incident report analysis

Does your organisation require the writing and submission of incident reports? Do you do anything with them? If so, congratulations! You’re making use of a valuable source of information that can benefit your organisation. If not, you could be missing out on crucial information that literally is under your fingertips. The incident report analysis assists[…]

ICAO Langauge Proficiency Requirements Consultancy

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Language Proficiency Requirements Consultancy provides independent analysis and consultancy regarding ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements. The aim of the service is to ensure that aviation organisations are meeting the needs of their employees who require ICAO Language proficiency certification, and complying with ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements in all areas. This[…]