Consulting advice for academics, Part One

Dr Barbara Clark, founder of You Say Tomato, was recently interviewed by Lauren G Johnson for the brilliant blog Career Linguist.

We’ve already updated about Post One and Post Two (links open in new windows); now available is the first of several posts with advice for academics and PhD students wishing to pursue a non-academic career in consulting, either full-time or part-time.

Click here for the first of these consulting advice posts (link opens in new window).

We really cannot emphasise enough how much of a pleasure it was to chat to Lauren, and what a great resource the Career Linguist blog is for linguists who want to take that leap outside of the academy.

If you’re pressed for time, the most important bit of advice that Dr Clark has for PhD students thinking of a non-academic consulting career is to network and begin building relationships with organisations you wish to work with as soon as you can, even if you think it’s too soon or you don’t have enough experience or knowledge. You can do it! During your PhD is a great time to start a relationship, because by the time you defend your thesis and make that triumphant leap from ‘student’ to ‘doctor’, you’ll already have put some building blocks in place toward your career in consulting. The contacts you’ll have made at an organisation will have followed your academic journey and will already be familiar with your research methods, so they will know how your skills can help their organisation.

Do feel free to contact Dr Clark for more advice, or to talk further if you’re thinking about becoming an academic consultant (or consulting academic!):


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