Why every company needs a good applied linguist

Excellent article by Thomas Orr, PhD, on why every company needs a good applied linguist (link opens in new window / tab).

The benefit of working with an applied linguistic anthropologist (who is an applied linguist plus an anthropologist) on a project is that we bring linguistic, cultural, social, and other contextual factors relevant to the project as well as critical to understanding what’s actually happening behind and beneath all of those words we see and hear. In other words, applied linguistic anthropologists can significantly contribute to a project in myriad ways which may often be beyond the initial scope or remit of the project.

‘Bad’ communication, miscommunication, and misunderstanding don’t happen in a vacuum – applied linguistic anthropologist can help show motivations for what’s being said, as well as work with managers, executives, and department heads to develop best practices to improve communication and safety, and increase efficiency.