Upcoming conference / speaking event

I’m excited to be attending the International Civil Aviation English Association’s upcoming Forum in Warsaw, 25-26 June 2015. The forum’s theme is ‘Changing Perspectives on Aviation English Training’.

I am honoured to be presenting a talk the morning of 25 June called Pilot and controller language proficiency: A threat to aviation safety. This talk discusses findings from a recent research project I’ve been doing on ICAO language proficiency and pilot / controller communication supported by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and funded by the UK Department for Transport’s State Safety Programme. Amongst the issues to be discussed are the role that native English speakers can play in pilot / controller miscommunication, and potential impacts on aviation safety of the presence of multiple languages in radiotelephony communication. The talk aims to stimulate discussion on effecting practical change in pilot / controller communication.

That same afternoon, I’ll be hosting a workshop called Challenges in teaching and gaining proficiency in plain English, which is intended to be an interactive,session where colleagues learn from each other what issues they face in teaching English for aviation in various geographic, social, cultural, and political contexts. We’ll also discover if there are patterns or universals amongst workshop attendees, and discuss possible best practices to address these issues.