Linguistic resources


Aviation English Hub – A list of resources for aviation practitioners and linguistic researchers interested in aviation English, maintained by Natália Guerreiro.

A World of Englishes – blog by Jane Setter, Professor of Phonetics at University of Reading, discussing phonetics in use.

Eggcorn Database Eggcorns are words or phrases which are incorrect, yet suggestive and contextually appropriate. The word eggcorn is itself an example, the result of mishearing acorn. An acorn is rather egg-shaped, and is a seed, like grains of corn. There was no currently existing term for such a linguistic phenomenon, many examples of which are contained in this expanding database. Other examples are cold slaw for cole slaw; new leash on life for new lease on life; and skimp milk for skim milk.  Hours of linguistic fun!

Global People – by the University of Warwick, focussing primarily on intercultural communication in workplace, business, and industry settings.

Glottopedia – the free encyclopaedia of linguistics.

International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Aviation English Language Testing Service – devoted to the assessment of English language tests for pilots and air traffic controllers working in international civil aviation.

ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (LPRs) – detailing language proficiency requirements for persons working in international civil aviation, especially pilots and air traffic controllers.

Language in Conflict – based at the University of Huddersfield, bringing together the field of linguistics and the study and resolution of conflict.

Language Log – posts written by academics and practitioners, focusing on a variety of linguistic and language matters.

Language on the Move – a peer-reviewed sociolinguistics research site focusing on multilingualism, language learning, and intercultural communication.

Language Tropes – TV tropes having to do with the use of language. Not academic; a lot of fun.

Linguist List – possibly the world’s largest linguistics website. Vast resource, very active. Always seeking donations (my caveat in case the link redirects you to a donation request).

Linguistics and aviation – maintained by Lorena M. A. de- Matteis. Does what it says on the tin; separated into pages for aviation personnel and linguists. In Italian and Spanish too!

Linguistics for the Real World – focusing on the application of linguistics outside of academia.

Linguistics Research Digest – blog on cutting-edge linguistic research, especially focusing on English language teaching and learning.

School for Linguists – by Daniel Ginsberg, a doctoral student at Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, broadly focusing on linguistics in education.

Sociolinguistic Artifacts – ever-expanding collection of clips of media that communicate sociolinguistic content.

Word Jazz – blog broadly about linguistic creativity, done by Matt Davis, a postgraduate linguistics student at Birkbeck College, University of London.

World Wide Words – blog focusing on new words, word histories, backgrounds to words in the news, and other English-language word-related phenomena.