Internal Communications

Business transformation, mergers, and IT projects all suffer from cultural differences getting in the way of effective operations. We diagnose cultural factors impacting your organisation, help you understand those cultural factors, and give your teams the tools to communicate effectively with each other.


Business transformation

Organisations are constantly changing, and not everyone likes change. Whether you have formal business transformation programmes or not, you need to keep everyone informed about how and why your organisation is changing. Bad internal messages can make change harder for everyone. We will work with you to understand the cultural issues at play within you organisation, and support you to craft messages that clearly express what changes you are making and why.


IT projects

One of the most obvious and frustrating cultural differences in any organisation is that between IT (Information Technology) and everyone else. New approaches such as Agile and the rise of ‘digital’ rather than ‘technology’ are supposed to break down these barriers, but often lead to even more layers of confusion.

What You Say Tomato does is help the various groups within organisations understand where each are coming from and how they can work together. Technically we analyse ‘in-group’ languages developed by ‘communities of practice’ that establish communication barriers between the various groups at work within your organisation.

You Say Tomato has extensive experience in understanding how workplace communities form and interact. We provide a range of services to diagnose, mitigate, and prevent interdepartmental miscommunication, ranging from ethnographic work to internal communications analysis.


Mergers and acquisitions

Making the most out of mergers and acquisitions is one of the biggest challenges that organisations face. The upside of growth, expansion, and increased revenue can be subdued by internal strife, miscommunication, and clashes between merging departments and employees.

Every company has its own unique business culture – ways of communicating, interacting, understanding, and operating – and when mergers happen, different business cultures are often a persistent source of stress and miscommunication.

You Say Tomato can help with your upcoming or in-process merger or acquisition. From understanding what works best for your business strategy, working with and training staff, and developing best practices and procedures that will ensure your business profits and your customers see the benefit, we want to make your merger as stress-free as possible.