Public Relations and Customer Service

Are you talking to the world in a language that only your organisation understands? Can you interpret underlying messages behind what your customers are telling you? We bring a fresh analytical approach to the language so you say and hear what you need to.


Public relations

Public relations (PR) is about crafting messages about your company that can be understood by a broad audience. With social media, PR has become more difficult, as an instant yet considered response seems to be expected for every event.

If you’re having issues getting understood by one or more key audience groups or just want your communications to be clearer, we can help by providing an analysis of what your PR is saying about your organisation.

One of the trickiest areas of PR is between the UK and the US – two countries truly ‘separated by a common language’. You Say Tomato specialises in helping organisations avoid the pitfalls of cultural assumptions that make transatlantic communication and business so complicated. Get in touch today to talk more about how we can help your business succeed.


Customer service

Customer service interactions are one of the most important aspects of company communications to get right. One bad interaction can lose a customer for a lifetime. Even well trained, highly motivated customer service representatives can be unconsciously projecting the wrong messages through lack of understanding of inter-cultural interactions.

You Say Tomato can analyse current customer service interaction to pinpoint and diagnose issues that may be putting off customers. We have experience in customer service and business / customer interactions, and will work with you to understand how your business’s needs and goals can be put into practice on the front line of customer service.

Customer feedback, especially criticism, can often be the best source of information to pinpoint where your business could be improved. But do you know how to get that information – and if you’ve it, what do you do with it? You Say Tomato will apply the best proven analytical techniques from linguistic, anthropology, and communications research to give you deeper insights, beyond the surface meaning of customer feedback, into what your customers are really thinking.