CAA language research project: update

Just a quick update to say that┬áthe first phase of this project has just about wrapped up, and a final report has been written. When it’s available for public readership, I’ll let everyone know (most likely┬ávia Twitter at @infoYST), and will certainly post a link to the report here. I’m sure I’ll update my LinkedIn[…]

Language Gap in Pilot-Air Traffic Controller Communication (link)

Applied linguist Elizabeth Mathews has written a very good piece for AeroSafety World discussing the importance of good communication between pilots and air traffic controllers. She also highlights the importance of linguistic analysis to understanding how communication can break down and miscommunication can take place between aviation professionals who are trained to be able to[…]

What’s a contextualisation cue?

I have recently attended the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, a major academic conference spanning five days. I was fortunate to have been able to attend an outstanding panel celebrating the ninetieth birthday of John Gumperz, an eminent anthropologist and linguist. Gumperz is one of the scholars responsible for developing a research[…]