Linguistic concepts: False friends

This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts explaining technical and theoretical terms in linguistics and anthropology, and why they’re important for the hands-on worlds of business and industry. Today we’re looking at the concept of false friends. It’s a brilliant and memorable term to refer to words and phrases in different languages[…]


Announcing Business Culture Exchange Meetup Group

Every culture has its own way of doing things, and doing business is no exception. Some cultures consider business meetings to be more informal and personal chats, where business matters are addressed almost as a last-minute concern. Most of the ‘business meeting’ will be taken up with talk about family, enquiring how the children are[…]


Newseum.org at SXSW 2016 interview

Dr Barbara Clark, founder of You Say Tomato, was recently invited by the Newseum to come and chat about her research and consultancy during SXSW 2016. The Newseum is a Washington, DC-based museum ‘dedicated to free expression and the five freedoms of the [US Constitution] First Amendment: religion, speech, press, assembly and petition’ (Newseum.org 2016).[…]


‘I’ve fallen and can’t get up!’ – Are you laughing now?

For another project I’m working on, I’ve been reading tips and tricks for writing ‘successful’ marketing emails – you know, those emails that organisations want you to open, read, and ideally click on links to redirect you to various websites. What struck me about most of the tips – written by sales people and marketing[…]


You mean you don’t break the law?

Flames lick the air, sun streams into a dusty cellar, the camera pans around, and actress-turned-spokesperson Mila Kunis turns to camera and tells us, ‘The Beam family have a long history of doin’ things their own way’. So opens a recent installment of Jim Beam’s #MakeHistory global advertising campaign for their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey[…]

Language Gap in Pilot-Air Traffic Controller Communication (link)

Applied linguist Elizabeth Mathews has written a very good piece for AeroSafety World discussing the importance of good communication between pilots and air traffic controllers. She also highlights the importance of linguistic analysis to understanding how communication can break down and miscommunication can take place between aviation professionals who are trained to be able to[…]