New service offered: Twitter for Professionals course

I’m pleased to announce that You Say Tomato now offers a course called Twitter for Professionals, teaching how to use language to project and promote your professional identity on Twitter.

This is a course about using Twitter in your professional capacity, which can include promoting your business, your brand, or your professional presence on Twitter. This is not a course about how to sell or advertise on Twitter. Instead, using proven linguistic methods, you’ll learn to enhance your Twitter experience.

We explore the basics, such as how to set up your Twitter profile and what you should and should not say in your profile. We will then discuss effective and ineffective practices that businesses and professionals employ in their Twitter streams. We’ll also explore how to find and attract your desired followers.

By the end of the course, you will feel more confident interacting on Twitter, as well as have an understanding of linguistic tips and tricks to best project your professional identity.

Workshop structure: condensed syllabus

  1. Introduction: What is Twitter?
  2. Basics: Key terminology
  3. Getting your content to the ‘right’ people
  4. Developing a business strategy
  5. Examples of what to do (‘wins’) and what not to do (‘fails’)
  6. Advanced tips: Interactions and cultures
  7. Takeaways and key messages

Click here for more details, including how to book!