User Research

Users – who are they and what do they need?

You Say Tomato can help you answer these questions, and help you understand why it’s crucial for your business or organisation to keep asking, and keep looking for answers.

If you want your service to succeed, you want it to be used – and used by as many folks as possible.

User research is a brilliant way to design your service with, and for, your users. This ensures you’re building a service that’s going to be used, and used in the way that users need. Why should you care? Because if you’re not building a service for your users, what are you doing with your money?

User research will help you understand who’s using your service now, and – more importantly – who isn’t using your service, and why they’re not using it.

User research will help you learn what’s causing your users (and potential users) irritation when using your service, or what’s stopping them from using your service. These crucial bits of information are called pain points, and are some of the most important pieces of information you can know.

Pain points can show you opportunities for improvement, new features, or just a new branch of your business. And because they’re underpinned by research with users, you can be confident you’re building a service that users – paying customers – will actually use.

User research will show you what your users, and your potential users, need from your service. It’s important to know what users need, so that you’re not wasting money building features that nobody wants or will pay for. Research with users provides evidence and information that helps you make informed decisions.

Research with users of your service – whether it’s a start-up, charity, public sector organisation or publicly-traded company – provides you with some of the most important information you need to survive – who your users are, and what they need (and want) from your service.