Why YST?

We get it, money’s tight and resources are stretched. Why would you spend money on our services?

But think:

  • How much work and resources do you put into your marketing and PR budget?
  • How much hard work goes into maintaining a safe operating environment?
  • How much time and effort goes into creating a customer-friendly space?

…Now think of the effect of one weak link in this complicated chain. One safety slip up. One inappropriate tweet from an intern. One snide remark from an employee who thinks the customer can’t hear.

Now think of the heaps of work to undo that one little unwanted event.

Also, consider those incident reports (and other employee-submitted forms) you have gathering dust somewhere in your organisation.

You could be sitting on a goldmine of information that could benefit your business, increase customers, and improve safety.

You Say Tomato provides insights into your organisation that you  need, will benefit from, and will wonder how you did without.

For example, we can:

  • Review the language you use in training to see if it’s compatible with your brand values and mission statement.
  • Audit the language that your front line staff uses, and analyse how it affects customer service interactions.
  • Assist with improving your organisation’s communication after you experience a major event (e.g., hacking).

We work quickly, discreetly, and confidentially, with one goal in mind: helping fix your communication problems.

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